Monday, June 12, 2006

Mix Tape #1: Health Hustles
Genre: Funky Disco vs 1950s ballads
Date: circa 1987

So I figured there would be no better place than Cassettes & Chocolate Milk to feature my first mix tape. The origins of the tape can be traced back to the late 1980s where it was allegedly acquired when I was only two years old. Reader(s) may wonder how was this done. How did Elle acquire such a hunger for cassettes at such an early age? Well, the story goes that my older brother Tomy asked his Grade One teacher if he could have a copy of his class's aerobics music.. a copy was made and I suppose the rest is history? I suppose it is.

The tape was aptly named Health Hustles. The compilation achieved enormous notoriety and extremely heavy rotation in my house. With its inordinate number of Buddy Holly songs mixed with ridiculously camp, disco obscurities, the tape became a major feature of my earliest childhood. Needless to say, that childhood involved lots of cassettes, fake radio shows, dancing, prancing.. actually, when you think about it, things haven't changed that much.

So yes, download and enjoy. The sound quality isn't so great, due to the fact that the tape has practically disintegrated.

Playlist of Mix Tape #1: Health Hustles
1. Buddy Holly - Words of Love (1957)
2. Village People - Magic Night (1980)
3. Bucks Fizz - Shine On (1982)
4. Fame - Fame! (1980)
5. Buddy Holly - Raining in my Heart (1959)
6. Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue (1957)
7. Ottawan - Hands Up (1980)
8. Mickey Mouse Disco - Watch out for Goofy (1979)
9. Buddy Holly - True Love Ways (1965)
10. Bucks Fizz - Making Your Mind Up (1981)
11. Jim Croce - Bad Bad Leroy Brown (1972)
12. The Beatles - O Bla Di O Bla Da (1968)
13. The Beatles - Bungalow Bill (1968)
14. Cliff Richard - Wired for Sound (1981)
15. Abba - Mamma Mia (1975)
16. Diana Ross - Why Do Fools Fall in Love? (1981)

Download Health Hustles (44611 KB)

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Mel said...

I am just excited that someone else listened to Disco Mickey Mouse as a child. We had the whole thing on cassette: Macho Duck, Disco Mickey Mouse, Watch Out for Goofy, disco version of It's A Small World After All...

Thanks for the memory!