Thursday, August 17, 2006

A big thank you goes out to the large and largely anonymous hoard of this week's listeners. I hope listeners continue to support the station til the very end :(

Entitled Listen Without Prejudice, the concept of this week's show was to lead listeners blindly to the massively underrated and the unusual. It is for this reason why I have left this week's show without a playlist - I wanted online listeners to judge these obscene obscurities on their musical merit. Y'hear? Listen to the trash, then judge it!

Download the whole show here (61mb, wonderous quality)

A feature on SUB FM's demise was featured in Wednesday's Age. I found it really distasteful that our loss became a promotional platform for Corinne Grant. Can it really get any worse?

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Shot97 Retro said...

Listen Without Prejudice! This whole show was an incredible listen, never once tempted to skip ahead. The Vanilli Effect, they need to talk about that in Music Appreciation class! And the whole backdrop of being told it was all going to end; You've forced me to learn about the voluntary student unionism in Australia. What treasures they've lost. Over here they have the occasional "pledge drive" for the college station, I looked forward to it because it was the most you got to hear the hosts talk, they probably wished they didn't have to do it, but everything they said in support of the station came off as genuine. The listeners always came through, 50% of their budget comes from the listeners. Of course they're blessed with 48,000 watts behind them. Here it's the battle of how much should be local and how much should be the national NPR shows, listeners once sued the station after they had accepted pledges for local programming they then discontinued for national stuff after the pledge drive. That's how much they love the local stuff. Anyway, great show, and I surely listening with no prejudice, though I was probably extra happy to hear a good chunk of Queen II!