Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year, everybody. With any luck, 2007 will be as delightfully unpredictable as the years preceeding it. I spent my new year doing a dizzying array of activities that I can hardly recall at this very moment at time. Come back to me later, though.

But the reason I write this is because I have just opened up my resolution letter. Basically it is an extended diary entry detailing the year that has just passed and wishes for things in the future. This year's entry was written on 28th December 2005 (detailing the activites of 2005 and wishes for 2006). It's a very cathartic and spiritual thing.. and it's very odd to see three years in such an intimate context.

Needless to say, I am very reluctant to share the contents of this.. but I found this one paragraph that was so recklessly beautiful that I felt I had to share it. Because of the ego.

London was all about love. The place had been all I've wanted for the past 15 years. It represented Freddie. Burnham. Erasure. Adam. Gordy. I love that city because its thought, memory and significance has shaped me. It's motivated me. When I was reacquainted with scenes, scents and fragmented memories, I realised my sentimentality paled in contrast to that of Andrew's. I remember returning to King's Cross after the first time we went to Burnham. Andrew said it was like completing a circle. I can't believe it happened.

Kids, desperate for a piece of Morrissey's shirt/heart

So, here's to 2007. I can't see that anything worthwhile is going to occur in it but I suppose it's a necessity if you want to get to the years after it. Cheers.


Anonymous said...

happy new year! although the 80's are not my favourite days, i loved the whole idea of this. ;D i'm far away, here in brazil, but you know... rock'nroll is unique. congratulations, peace and love!

Kip Alan said...

Happy 2007, El. I just stopped by a few days ago and swiped (and added) your link image while updating the site.


Kip Alan said...

Yes! Until then, I'll keep sending interview questions to Jarvis Cocker and refreshing my inbox.