Thursday, March 15, 2007

I hate not being able to talk to people from your past. Not those superficial people. But those truly important people who know you better than you know yourself. Those people who spend a great deal of their time and effort, trying to convince you that you can go to the moon if you really want to. I am sad that these restrictions mean that I can never have access to my past, creativity and former self.

Nothing will ever ease this frustration. What is even more pointless about this post is that there is nothing that I particularly want to say. Ever, really. Except that I'm disappointed that these truly important people cannot muster a bare ounce of civility. At least I'm now aware that when you think of me, you do not think of milk, synthesizers and cats. You think of someone you'd rather forget.


adam said...

It's funny, I'm so much more in touch with the past than I ever was before all this internet stuff came along that I always assume everyone is. You forget, until you stop to think about it, that you still need people to behave decently for it all to mean anything. I recommend some loud angry songs - if you were a boy it would be time for the darker moments of elvis costello, no question. Maybe that'll stil work anyway. x

Kip Alan said...

Yo! Update our link, Momma...fresh digs to check out!!