Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It would appear that there is a neverending cavalcade of my old musical loves, making their way through Melbourne town. As hoardes of people rush out to purchase tickets to see bands like Bloc Party, Lily Allen, Patrick Wolf, Maximo Park, the Long Blondes, Arctic Monkeys (&c &c &c), I feel so disillusioned about these bands I loved so long ago. At the same time, I feel a bit sick that I identify with that incredibly crass indie cliché. You know, that jaded music lover who claims she "knew the band before they were famous". But I can't help but think that these feelings run deeper than mere territorial glory-mongering.

I guess the truth is that that music represents a time when I had so much more than I have now. For one thing, I had a regular radio show. I had opportunities to talk to these artists. They were tenacious and nervous unknown music lovers, just like me. They were sensitive about their work but also, they longed for exposure. I miss loving these bands with my old friends too. I miss talking about these artists for hours and hours with them. I miss that personal and musical inspiration of two years ago, when we found ourselves at the forefront of a musical era, alone and happy.

Every time I see one of those Radar bands splattered across Melbourne street-press, it reminds me of how I lost it all. But as much as I feel anger for the hype and excessive exposure of these bands, I don't feel that I can harbour any true resentment for any of them. I don't think I can have the capacity to hate them. They remind me of my vicarious British existence.. and a time when all was right with the world.

In the days when you were hopelessly poor, I just liked you more...


Ethan said...

Hang on... what's the actual problem with the bands becoming popular? It is a cliche, and not something I understand. In your case especially... was/is Queen any worse because they were hugely popular?

Yeah, there's something nice about liking a band that no one else does (Sputnik?) but, for me, it's more about having a battle to fight.

What do you reckon?

Eleanor said...

In this circumstance, I am talking about a specific era of music which epitomises something far more consequential than just "selling out".. I mean, that's exactly I wrote. I meant this specific era or music represents a time in my life which I yearn for.. and I hate that time in my life is not accessible to me, yet it is to everybody else.

I am not writing about my problem about these bands becoming popular. I am not writing about Queen or any other band of any longstanding significance. This is about something else altogether.

Kip Alan said...

Can I count on you to be on the panel of judges for the Final 5 voting of our Best Unsigned Band Contest?

Know any other indutry types who might be?

K to tha ip!

adam said...

I am trying not to be charmed by your being nostalgic for two years ago, but it's failing. :)

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