Friday, June 20, 2014

C&CM for Tonerpalooza 2014

Melbourne-based zine lovers will be thrilled to know that the State Library of Victoria is playing host to Tonerpalooza this weekend, that is Jun 21-22. Aided by the kind folk over at Sticky Institute, there will be loads of workshops, talks, bands, not to mention a big zine fair. For the full programme, head over here.

On the Sunday, C&CM will also be making a zine fair appearance with a heavy suitcase of new, old and rare zines plump with musical analysis. Available to purchase for practically nothing will be Twenty Selected Essays (2014), This is Love in 1972 (2014), Consequential Lyrics (2013), Influence (2011) and I'm Switzerland (2011). 

For more information about C&CM's zines and where to get them, head to C&CM's zine page.

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