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So, what is Cassettes & Chocolate Milk?
In March 2003, C&CM originally began as an indiepop radio show on La Trobe University's SUB FM. With a 5km broadcasting radius around campus, it has to be said that C&CM's first fans were online - namely friends sitting on MSN in Hull, Leeds and Palo Alto.

The live incarnation of C&CM continued until the introduction of Voluntary Student Unionism at the end of 2006. Anticipating the closure of SUB FM, I turned C&CM into a blog in March 2006 with the express intention of featuring playlists, videos and download links.

After finishing my obligations with SUB FM, SYN FM and Triple R, I began producing genre-specific podcasts for C&CM. I originally had the idea of featuring three genres in rotation, that being Mod, Britpop and Electro. However, as the series developed more obscure genres were included, such as Italo Disco, Garage and Swedish Pop.

Going into its tenth year, C&CM is a project which looks at the undeniable appeal of pop music, in all its brilliant guises. I'm compelled to analyse the antics of the musically devoted and I want to return to moments of connection, where musical love seems qualified and requited.

I'm aware that many of the genres explored are odd or incongruent, but that's the very essence of the C&CM culture. I'm ultimately attempting to abolish musical snobbery and develop a community of pop lovers, who can gush and share, free of reproach.

What's your radio cred?
I've produced and panelled many radio programs, television programs, interviews, documentaries, vox pops and commercials for stations SUB FM, SYN FM, SYN TV, Triple R and the SBS program, Alchemy.

There are still some relics of my past radio work, namely Music is My Radar and Counterfeit. These two shows were produced for SYN FM, in 2004 and 2006, respectively.

What's your favourite podcast genre?
I always feel particularly heady when I make an Italo Disco show. Even though resource material is light-on, I feel really excited to present music that is so conducive to dancing.

I've listened to all your podcasts five times over. Is there any additional archive material I should know about?
If you've made your way through all the C&CM podcasts, it may interest you to know that there are additional podcasts, mixtapes and other bonus material featured on the C&CM Facebook Page.

Of course, there is also rare 2006 series of C&CM, which was recorded during the last year of SUB FM. It's a little less pristine than the pre-recorded versions, but there's still a tremendous mix of songs to behold.

I like (insert podcast genre). Can you make a podcast of this for me?
I can sure try! Not only do I love expanding upon the genres explored on C&CM, I love to hear what genres specifically resonate with listeners. All you need to do is get in contact!

What's in store for Cassettes & Chocolate Milk?
C&CM has relocated its operations to London. I'm currently producing a radio documentary for the 80s mod revival band, The Direct Hits to celebrate their coming together for a gig for the first time in 30 years.

Your blog is called Cassettes & Chocolate Milk, but you rarely (if ever), talk about Cassettes or Chocolate Milk. What's the story?
As you may or may not know, Cassettes & Chocolate Milk is in reference to the rather delightful Rufus Wainwright song, Cigarettes & Chocolate Milk.

Although there is no express reference to Cassettes & Chocolate Milk in essays featured, rest assured I rely upon both vices in the development of all content.

I think I know enough now. How can I contact you?
Email: elle.gray(at)gmail.com
Facebook: http://facebook.com/cassettesandchocolate
Twitter: http://twitter.com/missy_el

Missy El, without marker, at Abbey Road Studios

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