C&CM: Essays

Below is a list of selected music essays featured on Cassettes & Chocolate Milk since the blog's inception in 2006. More personal essays can also be found on C&CM's sister site, The Fashion Plague.

On demos and perceptions of perfection
On meeting your musical heroes
On musical memoirs
On oblique strategies in songwriting
On personal identification in Italo Disco
On musical value and validity
On music libraries and NYC musical storytelling
On handwritten lyric sheets
On the desire to record the undocumented past
On the lyrical distinction between need and want
On the lyrical theme of denial
On listening and learning with friends
On the musical relic
On musical devotion and alienation
On the impossible live experience
On recommendations
On the prolific pop musician
On the VIP package experience
On autobiographical lyrics
On lyrical relevance and affinity
On unexplored lyrical meanings
On artistic fulfillment
On the musical pilgrimage
On the search for musical compatriots online
On the fashions of 1980s UK indie
On Amiga gaming music and remixes
On artist-fan requitedness
On the legendary and obscure
On constructing personal meanings from pop lyrics
On divorcing lyrics from historical context
On articulate lyrics
On Eurovision
On the death knell in music documentaries
On politics in Soviet post-punk
On the Direct Hits
On the polarities of popular perception
On sad melodies paired with happy lyrics
On the promise of musical connections in London
On the allure of pop songs in B minor
On a decade's musical identity
On the dreaming of melodies
On learning an instrument
On the Frenchness of Yé Yé
On collecting Italo Disco
On the meaning of indie
On researching lost 90s dance tracks
On musicians attacking critics
On the violin
On the first version
On 33 1/3, appreciation and analysis
On the ten-year anniversary of the formal cassette
On the confident showman
On musical memorabilia
On the post-punk revival
On baroque pop
On punk zines
On guilty pleasures
On being on terms with your musical past
On the live bootleg
On musical traditions
On vintage
On getting over music
On musical crushes
On Icehouse and the musically devoted
On musical encounters in London
On the crash of a music drive
On dedications
On the revolutionary aspects of Yé Yé
On sexuality in pop
On authenticity in punk
On Geocities
On locality in British pop
On emos
On personal iconography
On band reformations
On creating pop meanings
On Facebook suicide
On girls who love music
On musical and lyrical insincerity
On Queen rarities
On being musically territorial
On Bagism
On the young struggling artist

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