Sunday, November 12, 2006

Well, I somehow became aware that there was a massive influx of visitors on this site.. and I have to ascribe gratitude to the visitors of mod64, gergtreble, totally fuzzy & tilted2oneside who have such great music taste. However, no one would really know about the influx at the commentage rate :(

The Universal's here... apparently

So what's news? Well tomorrow night, Mason has kindly invited myself and my old co-host Amanda to guest star on his and Brett's baby project, Track One, Side One. That means listening in to 90.7 SYN FM from 9-11pm on Monday night.

I know, I always forget too.

In other news, I bought 9 Q magazines for $9 and I've been pouring over the ghosts of British music industry past instead of studying for my exam tomorrow. If only I had to write about Stephen Patrick Morrissey instead of indefeasibility, I think we would all be a little bit happier. Don't you tink?

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Anonymous said...

hm... you promise they're good?
they must be then ^_^
*listens and elle is full of truth*