Sunday, May 04, 2008

To be a scenester is to be a poser, a beautiful poser. It is to have a distinct awareness of the anti-cool and an ability to fit in while maintaining a mildly fraudulent sense of individualism. To many, "scenester" is a dirty word. Few people would revel in the tag, but many would embrace all that it suggests.

However, I myself love scenesters. In a perverse way, I wish to be one some day. I would want to be off my head at a VICE party, crawling over the rooftops in New York City in my daring vintage frock, pursing my orange lips together for another garish photograph.

I suppose however stupid and hedonistic they appear to be in the sober light of day, they will be remembered. Just like the debauched Club Kids or even Warhol's coveted few at the Factory. They all had a hyper-beautified sense of the macabre and what's more, they managed to lose their identity, all in the name of collective individualism.

I don't know if I'll ever make an active attempt to sell my cultural soul and become a scenester. But I will admire their sharp, deft awareness and ability to adapt. I will marvel at their tenacity and their ever-constant attempts at social proof, for they will be remembered as the most beautiful people of our time.

The Factory's Joe Dallesandro


Anonymous said...

Hi there, I came here via the Guardian Hipster piece. What I would like to know after reading this is - what is your definition of "beautiful"?

Eleanor said...

Thank you very much for your comment! Those Guardian blogs intrigue me greatly, I'm not at all surprised to see you've taken the time to trawl through its backpages. Do you have a blog too?

I don't have a definitive answer on how I perceive "beauty" as such, but it's definitely an issue that I explore in greater detail on my other blog, The Fashion Plague. On there, I discuss ideas related to self-perception, self-image, self-esteem and other selfish matters.

I am yet to figure out how I define beauty, but I often wonder whether it is something of a fortuitous accident and by that, I mean symmetrical facial features and a favourable hip to waist ratio. There are many theories about beauty that are almost frighteningly scientific and borderline stupid, but it is fascinating to contemplate their veracity.

I use the word "beauty" in this article in a particularly sardonic sense. I often use the term to encompass what could only be described as the antithesis of myself. Just as I describe it in my article about jealousy on the Fashion Plague, a girl is beautiful when she is skinny, musically talented, blonde, productive, confident and focused. That very list is not necessarily what I personally believe to be beautiful or attractive, but I know it to be the opposite of what I could ever be capable of... and I know that is the kind of person us girls so often aspire to be like.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your views on this. Please, what do you think?