Monday, June 15, 2009

I think we were both a little startled when I said it: I want all your songs to be about me. In that single moment, everything seemed to be drenched in my own despicable vanity. I revealed my addiction to attention, to yearning, to impossibility and the true extent of my selfishness. I so wanted his heart to be wasted on me, even though we were nothing more than just friends.

I will always admire those who have the ability to faithfully describe someone like that: in so few words that it borders on ineffectual, yet once combined with music, becomes so charmed. It also takes a great deal of bravery to make someone distinguishable from any other. At times, it borders on intrusive to know exactly who these songs are about. You are not invited to impose your own lyrical interpretation, because you understand who is the object of the song. Think of Something, In The Lap of the Gods or Songbird. There's no point contemplating that these songs were about anyone aside from Pattie, Mary or Nicole, respectively.

When I write, I do so in such a way that anyone from my past could think it was about them. I would hope there is enough breadth, warmth and ambiguity present to qualify such an assumption. My writing is never about one person specifically, after all, it is a bunch of ripped up photographs of the people I once loved.. and even though I've revealed the true extent of my selfishness, I would still like it if they were flattered by my regard. As vague and ambiguous as it would sometime seem.

The suggestion is clear

Cassettes & Chocolate Milk: Britpop Podcast #13
Arkarna - Rehab
Mood Six - The Voice of Reason
The House of Love - Shine On
Cotton Mather - My Before and After
The Beatles - Free as a Boid
Eugene McGuinness - Monsters Under The Bed
Pulp - Babies
Dogs Die in Hot Cars - Squeeze

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Louise said...

squee! i will be a downloadin' tis behbeh soon.