C&CM: Zines

C&CM also has a number of affiliated zines that are available for download, purchase or view.

The Missy El zine bio from You Deserve to DIY

Tantrum #1 (PDF), released in December 2008, was an extremely limited zine that was printed on quite small cards. Tantrum featured a series of essays about lyricism, hipsters, sincerity and loss.

I'm Switzerland (BUY), released in May 2011, was a Eurovision-themed zine released in conjunction with Sticky's Target 168. I'm Switzerland featured essays and drawings about spoilers, bloc-voting, investment and pilgrimages.

Cassettes & Chocolate Milk #1: Influence (BUY) , released in December 2011, was a 34 page handwritten zine exploring the concept of influence in musical culture. Essays touched upon hype, plagiarism, inspiration and popular appeal.

The 12-Hour Cursive (VIEW), written in February 2013, the 12-Hour Cursive was written under 24-hour lock-down conditions at Melbourne's Newport Substation for the event, You Deserve to DIY. The zine is now available to read in the Substation gallery, until March 24th 2013. Links: Facebook, Sticky Institute, Fahrenheit C3100 Podcast and threethousand. You can request a zine from me, but I wouldn't like your chances.

The documentary TBlatch made on You Deserve to DIY

The Consequential Lyrics Zine (PDF), released in June 2013, is a 24 page handwritten zine released in conjunction with the forthcoming C&CM mini-series, Consequential Lyrics. The project seeks to examine the meanings behind those lyrical fragments which manage to take on a greater personal significance.
Twenty Selected Essays (BUY), compiled in June 2014, is a 24 page typed zine compiling the best personal essays published on C&CM and its sister site, The Fashion Plague.

This is Love in 1972 (BUY), made in June 2014, is a 12 page scrapbook featuring the photographs, advertisements and lyric sheets that have visually inspired C&CM.

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